terms & conditions

I. General Terms and Conditions for Use of the Website of „KNG LOGISTICS” LTD
I.1. Scope of Application and Scope of Services
(1) The present Terms of Use govern the use of the websites of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD www.knglogistics.com .

(2) This page contains the general terms and conditions for the use of the website. By loading or use of the website all users and visitors acknowledge the validity of the general terms and conditions of use. „KNG LOGISTICS” LTD reserves the right to change the terms of use at all times and at its own discretion.

(3) Alternative for registered users:
By clicking on the “I agree” or “Sending” field. The user agrees that the terms of use of the website will be mandatory for the user. „KNG LOGISTICS” LTD reserves the right to change the present requirement at its own discretion. The User must once again give consent for the changed requirements for use, as described above, by clicking the field „I agree“ or „Send“, in order to continue using the services of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD.

(4) On the website the group „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD offers information related to the sphere and the company to clients, transport- and other partners as well as to job applicants.

(5) „KNG LOGISTICS” LTD is entitled to suspend the website, fully or partially, and to change the content, respectively the service at its own discretion. „KNG LOGISTICS” LTD does not guarantee in any way the uninterrupted availability of the website of „KNG LOGISTICS” LTD. No claims regarding the use or maintenance of the website of „KNG LOGISTICS” LTD can be made.

I.2. Protected Rights / Intellectual Property
(1) The entire contents of the website (illustrations, texts, formulations, marks, photos, video clips, graphics) are the intellectual property of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD or its contractual partners. The use of the website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD does grant the user any license or other rights of use in respect to the rights found on the site (e.g., protected trade rights, copyright and similar protected rights, etc.). Trademarks, photos, texts, parts of texts or other content of the website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD cannot be changed, copied, reproduced, supplemented or used in any other manner without the advance written consent of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD. Only the reproduction, processing or use of any materials that have been expressly provided for use is allowed.

I.3. Responsibility
(1) „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD shall be responsible for possible damages that may be inflicted to the user as a result from using the website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD, only in case of deliberate actions or gross negligence.

(2) „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses suffered by the user, whether direct or indirect, irrespective of whether they originate from the contract, a right to compensation or otherwise, in case the same fall into one of the following categories:

2.1. Missed benefits or indirect damages;
2.2. Accidental losses and missed benefits;
2.3. Missed business benefits;
2.4. Damaging the reputation and loss of data;

(3) „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD has made all reasonable efforts in order to guarantee that the information provided on the website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD is accurate and complete as of the moment of its publishing. „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD does not engage in promises and does not assume any responsibility or guarantees regarding the information provided on the website, such as downloadable files, services offered by third parties, external links or other content, used directly or indirectly from the website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD or such that can be accessed from this website. Furthermore, „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD reserves the right to make changes or to supplement to the information provided without advance notice.

(4) The group WALTER GROUP cannot be held responsible of any damages resulted from improper use of misuse of the user account by the user himself, due to misuse or loss of identification details or of the data recorded by the user.

I.4. Availability
(1) „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD applies all reasonable efforts to ensure the constant functioning and access to the website – respectively according the available technical, economical, company and organizational capabilities.

(2) „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD does not assume responsibility or guarantee that the website of the group „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD or its contents will be at all times or at all available, that they do not contain errors or that errors will be corrected, or that the website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD or the ancillary means do not contain viruses or other dangerous components. „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD expressly excludes any responsibility for damages of any kind, resulting from the provision of the website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD or the ancillary technical means, to the extent permitted by the law.

(3) „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD does not assume any responsibility for any periods during which there is no access due to technical or other problems.

I.5. External links
The website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD contains external links leading to websites of third parties. „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD cannot control the availability, quality or contents of external websites, links to which have been provided, and cannot be held responsible about any content of such external websites, that is in violation of the acting legislation or causes damage to the users in any way.

I.6. Protected Pages
The website includes some SSL Certificate. This SSL certificate include not only the effective encryption of the users’ data during their transfer to the web server, but also the identification of the supplier „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD, and likewise certify the authenticity of the site, to protect it from fishing attacks.
The user declares that he is acquainted with the general provisions of the SSL certificate and the user agreement with the end client and that he has read and agreed with them. „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD shall not bear any responsibility before the user in connection with the user of SSL certificate.

I.7. Passwords and User Accounts
(1) Certain services (for example …………………………………………., client portal ………………………………) are only accessible for registered users. Following a registration and check by „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD the user will receive a password allowing access to the user account.

(2) The User shall be responsible for keeping the password and other available data confidential, as well as for all such activities related to the user account. „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD must be notified immediately of any unauthorized use of the user account of any other security breaches. The registration of the user account, respectively, subscribing for a subscription, is connected with the partner number of the user. The User has no right to disclose or grant the partner number or password to third parties. Any disclosure of the partner number and/or of the user’s password may result in the suspension of the user account respectively termination of the subscription.

(3) The details, contents and information, known to the user in connection to this user account must not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

(4) „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD reserves the right, without need to state a reason, to permit or reject a registration of subscription for subscription service. Furthermore „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD is entitled, without stating a reason, to block any user account or any specific subscription services.

I.8. Loading Destructive Materials
„„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD prohibits the loading of computer programs, files or other materials containing destructive or damaging elements such as viruses, damaged files, “hidden” files (such as images included in audio files), worms, Trojan horses or scroll bots, multiple screen setup or other activities that may destroy completely the integrity of the website or of the online communication.

I.9. Electronic Attacks
(1) Electronic attacks of any kind against the website of „„KNG LOGISTICS” LTD, of all data of the group WALTER GROUP related to it or against the data of specific users are prohibited.
(2) Any electronic attack results in the immediate suspension of the user, in whose sphere falls the attack, and will be prosecuted according the civil and penal law.

II. Miscellaneous

II.1. Jurisdiction
The present terms and conditions for use of the website are based on the Bulgarian and European law. The court is hereby set as the competent court to solve any disputes. The Bulgarian law shall exclusively apply and the ratified European and international private law shall also apply.

II.2. Changes and Supplements, Severability Clause
(1) Any amendments and supplements to the present contract can only be made in written form. Any verbal agreements shall be deemed invalid.

(2) In case any or several provisions under the present contract become invalid in any way, this will not affect the validity of the remaining contents of the contract.