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Full trucks

Full trucks

Full Truck loads to every country in Europe. Thanks to our experienced team, KNG Logistics satisfies every need of continental transport from and to every country. We manage to provide the best solutions to our customers. Our main destinations are England, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Waste Paper

KNG is able to provide all type of road transport solutions to his customers in the paper industry. Thanks to our waste license we help industries to close the cycle by recycling their products.
KNG Logistics picks up and delivers your goods without transfers to the warehouse, ensuring the safety and reducing the delivery time.

Frigo trucks

Today’s shipping services are required to be fast and totally reliable. KNG Logistics offers fully equipped vehicles for any full truck load or partial transport under controlled temperature, be it refrigerated goods, chemical or electronic goods, or drugs.

we also provide project cargo

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- Oversized projects
- Tender projects
- Fixed bookings deliveries
- Solutions for your waste shipments
- Air solutions
- Express deliveries

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